Advanced Google Analytics course + 77 practical questions

A bit advanced Google Analytics concepts such as assisted conversions and calculated metrics

How attribution works in general and that it’s not only about traffic sources

What are scopes and why their knowledge is fundamental

How events work and which ones makes sense to use

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C Programming 2019: Become A Pro, Solve a Lot Of Exercises !

Write Clean Code: Best practices, Writing Conventions, …

Get the Knowledge you need to Learn any other Programming Language “very” easily

“Master” The C Programming Language.Think Like a Programmer: From Zero to Hero

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All Electrical Transformers in Electrical Power Systems

Analysis and design term of Electrical Transformers ( Distribution and Power Transformers).

I will define the electrical transformers and how they work.

Functions of the components of power and distribution transformers.

Technical calculations that related to power transformers and distribution.

Protection system design and Short circuit calculations with its all kinds in power and distribution transformers.

All design calculations related to power transformers and distribution.

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