[DOWNLOAD]Website Design – Create websites in minutes with AI Tools

Build and design websites and landing pages with implementing Artificial Intelligence Technology

Create a chatbot for your site in the fastest time possible using Artificial Intelligence.

Make an Apple TV app with no coding and learn the website portal used to create the same with Artificial Intelligence

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[Download] Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3 Course

Learn to use Python professionally, learning both Python 2 and Python 3!

Create games with Python, like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack!

Learn advanced Python features, like the collections module and how to work with timestamps!

Learn to use Object Oriented Programming with classes!

Understand complex topics, like decorators.

Understand how to use both the Jupyter Notebook and create .py files

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[Download]Unlock Excel VBA and Excel Macros

Enhance your current Excel files & automate your work with VBA.

Master Excel VBA & Macros

Directly apply the Excel VBA example files included to your own work.

Reduce manual routine tasks to the click of a button.

Make your work-life easier.

Create simple solutions to complex problems by levering Excel functionality with Macros.

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[DOWNLOAD] The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Build websites and webapps

Build HTML-based mobile apps

Get a job as a junior web developer

Bid for projects on freelance websites

Start their own online business

Be a comfortable front-end developer

Be proficient with databases and server-side languages

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[Download] Deep Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Artificial Neural Networks

Understand the intuition behind Artificial Neural Networks

Apply Artificial Neural Networks in practice

Understand the intuition behind Convolutional Neural Networks

Apply Convolutional Neural Networks in practice

Understand the intuition behind Recurrent Neural Networks

Apply Recurrent Neural Networks in practice

Understand the intuition behind Self-Organizing Maps

Apply Self-Organizing Maps in practice

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[Download]Pianoforall – Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Pianoforall will take complete beginners to an intermediate level in a very short space of time

You get to sound like a pro right from the start

You will learn the absolute basic essential techniques that will allow you to play any song in any style – by ear!

You will learn to read sheet music AS you learn to play-by-ear

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[Download] Create UberEats with Python + Swift + Android

Build Your Management Dashboard with Python 3 & Django

Super Admin Dashboard to handle everything in the system

Sign in/Sign out process for Restaurants

Hosting the web app on Heroku

Page for Account information

Page for Restaurant to upload images and create Menu

Page for managing all Orders from Customer

Real-time notification when new orders coming in

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[DOWNLOAD]Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery

Discover how to create spellbinding writing

Learn the secrets of editors on top newspapers and websites

Tap into the power of the four levels: narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words

Transform yourself into a masterful writer in days

Make your writing stand out from peers and competitors

Discover how to make blogs, marketing copy and general business writing sparkle

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[Download] Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Create a fully functional web site using the Full-Stack with Django 1.11

Learn how to use HTML to create website content

Use CSS to create beautifully styled sites

Learn how to take advantage of Bootstrap to quickly style sites

Use Javascript to interact with sites on the Front-End

Learn how to use jQuery to quickly work with the DOM

Understand HTTP requests

Create fantastic landing pages

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[Download] R Programming A-Z™: R For Data Science With Real Exercises!

Learn to program in R at a good level

Learn how to use R Studio

Learn the core principles of programming

Learn how to create vectors in R

Learn how to create variables

Learn about integer, double, logical, character and other types in R

Learn how to create a while() loop and a for() loop in R

Learn how to build and use matrices in R

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