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Taj Mahal
1999 ‧ Romance/World cinema ‧ 2h 37m
Maayan sees Machakanni on the day of her engagement and both fall for each other. Incidentally her engagement is broken off. But, the enmity between their villages and family threatens their romance.
Release date7 November 1999 (India)
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Thirupachi Aruvaala – DOWNLOAD(39MB)
Sotta Sotta – DOWNLOAD(32MB)
Sotta Sotta m – DOWNLOAD(33MB) 
Senkathay – DOWNLOAD(30MB) 
Kuliruthu Kuliruthu – DOWNLOAD(27MB) 
Kilake Nanthavanam – DOWNLOAD(17MB) 
Karisal Tarisal – DOWNLOAD(33MB) 
Eetchi Elumitchi – DOWNLOAD(40MB) 
Eetchi Elumitchi(Reprise) – DOWNLOAD(41MB)
Adi Manjakilange – DOWNLOAD(18MB)


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  1. மிக்க நன்றி…. கூடுதலாக இளையராஜா பாடல்களை பதிவேற்றுங்கள்…

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