Seedr – The best way to download torrent links!

Don’t know to download a torrent file because there are not enough seeds or peers?
Just leave your worries to  SEEDR!! They will take care of your torrent links!
Many of us use UTorrent to download torrrent links! We all know that uTorrent sucks when it comes to old torrent links. Also our offices, colleges block the utorrent P2P protocol.  So Nowadays The trend has changed a lot. we have seedr now! You can download any torrent links on seedr! Just get the Torrent link and paste it on Seedr. That’s all !  Seedr is fully magnet link capable! It can even find a torrent when supplied with just the URL of a page. It does all the downloading and sharing itself without a single byte hitting the user’s machine. Once the download is complete, users can transfer the content to their local memory(Laptop’s hard disk) by clicking the download button while a right click reveals various other options. 
why you should use SEEDR?
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Creating account is very much simpler in Seedr. The interface is quite good and very impressive to download Torrent files. They have good cloud storages/Servers. So the access to the site is smooth and fast!
They really cares about users privacy. Because they are doing everything without any local IP addresses being exposed to a torrent swarm.
They says “Security is up-to industry standards.” what else we need?
Seedr can do more than what you think! Once on the cloud you just see and manage your files! you can even play them, stream them or download them if you want that in your own Desktop/Laptop! The extraordinary thing is before you stream a movie you can seek for subtitles in any language and add them live. You can even sync them as you watch the movie! This is Ultimate!!
Everything in Seedr is advanced and useful. Everything what i have told is Advantages only. cause the thing is Seedr is providing Free service to us! you can add movies upto 8GB. In general they provide 2GB as default free tier. You can add upto 5GB just for referring your friends!!! sakertoknow
In free tier,

  • 2GB of free storage + more space for inviting friends(Up to 5GB, Even more space for reviewing them like you can get 8GB)
  • You can tweet about seedr and earn storage (500MB)
  • You can write a Review on your blog  and earn storage (500MB 0r 1GB) Depends on the Quality of review!
  • You can make a youtube video about and earn storage! (1GB)
  • Also you get, Unlimited bandwidth, video playback support, high-speed downloads.
  • And 1 parallel torrent download and 1:1 seeding ratio on public trackers.

In Premium,

  • Ultimately, 30GB, 100GB, 1TB of storages available.
  •  Whoa! Unlimited parallel downloads, High Definition streaming and API access!
  •  1:1 seeding ratio on public trackers
  •  Private trackers support with up to 5:1 or 5 days seeding ratiopremium plans

descriptionWell In Adittional,

  1. No need to keep your machine powered on , just add your torrent file/magnet link to leech, and it will automatically leech for you.
  2. The torrent health doesn’t matter, thus you can even download torrents with lesser seeds. (Cool right??)
  3. You can download torrents via IDM with Resume support! Even though peoples are having slow internet connection, seedr does its best!
  4. The ISP cannot detect the torrent traffic. (Just because of seedr – protects user privcay! We should Thank them for this)
  5.  Very simple Sign up process! signup
  6.  Simple interface, very easy to use!

Home page
As i said before, They really cares for their users! They have Chrome plugin for seedr. The fun thing is you can Download with 2 clicks using chrome plugin!
Most Important thing is, They have good support Page! So you can submit your request / ask questions!
Customers Feedback! (Available on Seedr site)
Then What are you waiting for? Goto And DO FUN!!! The thing i love the most in Seedr is their simplicity! OMG! Dear seedr, you really have simple and catchy look with lots of usefulness! Thank you so much for that!!

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